How to refurbish the old wooden entrances so that they fit into the rest of the building?

October 16, 2023 - Uncategorized
Wooden interior doors in antique residences or condominiums often sprout from newly renoVATed inner walls, separating themselves long ago with wasted oil paint.


Autor: Wicker Paradise

Autor: Joseph Bremson

What is more, there are often crevices around the door frame, and the door leaf strokes, that have been struck for a long time, have irregulary scrapes, marks or cavities. In case you do not have the time or the wish for a complete facelift, related to the door substitution, it is the time to renew the antique wooden doors or panels.

Autor: Johan Larsson
Renovation of wooden doors most frequently demands elimination of the old varnish covering. Fading, spotty top of oil varnish will not embrace a good new final layer. Exist several ways of removing oil paint. These works, such as sandblasting or scorching with an electric furnace can be ordered from professional firms.

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Slips or cracks formed in the door will vanish in a simple way, you cover it with putty. You are supposed to only begin grinding after complete cure, that will take from several hours to one day, relying on the products applied and the measure of the defects. For sanding surfaces you should employ sandpaper, however in angles, for example for glazing it should be easier to work with abrasive sponge. Grab the pack which comes with the sandpaper – it should be quicker and easier to flatten the wooden surface. After removing the aged oil varnish covering, you will get basically raw wood or wood-based panel.

Nevertheless, as it is an old surface, it would be good to coat it with coloring preparation, not wood lacquer, for example. The door after such a renovation is suitable for relocating in hinges.